Answers to the questions most frequently asked. This would help you understand all the tools that m-FireWorld serves you.

What is m-FireWorld?


m-FireWorld is a mobile application as well as web portal where you can get and share knowledge, information, goods, services and people of fire safety.

What are the benefits of to become partner of m-FW?


You will get Leads to expand your Buisiness

Who can use this app?


Any one can use this app.

Is m-FW free to download?


yes, it is Absolutely free to download.

Are any differences in app and web portal?


No there is no difference in app and web portal functionwise.

How to install this app?


You can download it from playstore. It is easily available.

What is knowhow?

Know How

Know How is a Knowledge Centre where you get Knowledge about Fire could be obtained. This includes right from understanding of technicalities of Fire to How to douse it or How to perform Safe Evacuation. Information on latest technologies and events pertaining to the Fire Industry too could be obtained from this Area.

Have you given information about fire insurance and how?

Know How

Yes, we have given that too, It is for Home, Workplace and Factory so they can get an Idea What is Fire Insurance Claim process stepwise. So it can be easy to claim.

How m-FireWorld is useful for housing societies?

Know How

It will create Awareness about Fire Safety and They all will get Knowledge How fire Safety should be carried out. Will get an idea how to escape in case of Fire so Human losses will be redused.

Why this Knowledge required for me?

Know How

Fire is Universe and it can accur anywhere anytime, so you need to be prepared for tackle that situation and yes this Knowledge will definitely Help you.

What is Infocity?


Infocity is a place where you can get information about codes, standards, various fire acts and rules and the information about institutions of fire safety.

Which codes and standards are covering in this app?


We are considering Natinal Building Code (NBC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Bureu of India Standards (BIS) and all National & International Standards which refer for Fire Industry.

Have you included state level fire acts in this portal?


Yes, we have included state level fire acts in this portal.

What is Fire Bazar?

Fire Bazaar

Fire bazaar is a B2B E-Commerce platform where people can exchange products & services

How do I get enquiry on m-FW?

Fire Bazaar

You need to register as a partner to receive enquiry's, click on Register as Partner and fill up the details.

How many enquires I will get in one year?

Fire Bazaar

We have points redumption model, you can buy any numbers of enquiry received to you.

How many products are considered in mFW?

Fire Bazaar

More than 250 products and Services listed in m-FireWorld.

How can I subscribe?

Fire Bazaar

You need to register as a partner , click on Register as Partner and fill up the details.

How can I purchase my next points?

Fire Bazaar

You can go to My business icon and click on recharge option and purchased additional points.

Is it safe to use my credit, debit card on this site?

Fire Bazaar

It is sbsolutely clear and secure payment method for any kind of transcation.

How can I become partner?

Fire Bazaar

You need to register yourself as a Partner and pay subscription amount then you will became a partner of MFW

What are the benefits of this platform for Auditor, Contractor and Consultants?

Fire Bazaar

Auditors,Contractors and Consultants can register as a partner and get more enquiry's from all the region.

How can I increase my buisness using this app?

Fire Bazaar

This APP is a pertaining to Fire only, by registering as a partner you will get refined enquiry's only related to Fire from all the region.

What is fire Meter?

Fire Meter

Fire Meter is a tool where all people can check whether their premises are fire safe or not and can get direct connection to fire auditor in few steps.

How Fire Meter is useful for general People?

Fire Meter

You can easily get information about your premises are fire safe or not and if any implimentation required they can aware of it.

What is Fire Maths?

Fire Maths

Fire Math is a bunch of calculation which uses in fire industry very frequently. It is designed in a vey simple format so people can get their outputs very quickly.

What is SOS Button?

SOS Button

SOS is a emergency button, by clicking this you can inform to your nearest fire station immediately in case of Fire.

in what time fire brigade will get information about fire incidents through SOS?

SOS Button

When you press the SOS button nearest fire station will receive your message in real time.

What will happen if I press button accidently

SOS Button

It is a responsible task. You need to take care while press the button. You will get confirmation message before sending information to Fire Brigade. You need to press confirm button then only it will go to CFO.

What is Job Spot?

Job Spot

Job Spot is a platform where you can get jobs in fire industry and a platform where industry can get people in all aspects.



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